About Tim Dwight, Event Photograper...

Bill Sobel says, “What can I say about Dwightphoto (Tim Dwight)? He is a treasure and a great guy and most importantly a great photographer. Tim has been shooting stills for my monthy events and doesn't miss a beat. He gets the shots, understands what I need, is easy to work with...but what makes him special...and for an events producer like me...he seamlessly works in the background...I almost forget he is there. But when he sends me the proofs...usually less than a day later I am blown away. If you need someone to shoot your next event, and you need someone you can trust, Tim Dwight is the best!”

Ramon Ray says, “Tim is first and foremost, pleasant to work with. He took photographs at the New York City Holiday Party 2009 and the photos were simply great. The lighting was bad but every shot came out nice and clear and everyone liked how they looked. Thanks again Tim, you're the best."

John Linahan says, “I highly recommend using Tim for a number of reasons - he is extremely easy to work with, goes out of his way to get the desired results, and has creative ideas on using the finished material. In addition, he has a great grasp of the technology and can handle almost anything on location. Tim will go above and beyond what's called for, and you can't ask for more than that!”

Richard Pace says, “Tim has done the photography for the Lyndon Woodside Solo Competiton for several years now. This December, we asked him to photograph the Oratorio Society of New York on stage. This is not easy, as there are numerous restrictions about position and lighting imposed by Carnegie Hall. The results were extraordinary.”